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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Greens say no to nuclear, yes to luddism.

On a wonderfully green piece of paper which was stuffed through my door, Alison Johnstone gleefully tells us that she, as the Green candidate for Meadows / Morningside, says "No to nuclear".
"This report clearly shows we can reject the UK government's proposals to build new nuclear power stations and succeed in reducing emissions. By switching to locally produced power, Edinburgh can lead the fight against climate change."
Where, exactly, do these people think we're going to get our electricity from? It sure as shit ain't the electricity fairy. Just how, exactly, do they intend to make up the energy gap between renewables, fossil fuel plants, and nuclear in the next decade or so, when our existing nuclear stations go off-line?

I expect we'll hear that we are to cover all our buildings, and green spaces with mini-windmills, whilst we are to catch our farts for a bio-gas plant, or some other crack smoking idea.

Quite simply, build more nuclear plants now, or you will not be switching on your lights in a couple of decades time.

I will not even start on the mention of mobile phone masts in the leaflet.

Are these people luddites, or are they actually expecting us to take them seriously?


Neil Craig said...

"Electricity fairy" is an apt phrase which does exactly reflect their view. I have asked the same question on the Scotsman online & their faith in fusion, energy for the space between atoms & the ever popular "research into new renewable sources" is incredible. Meanwhile Hunterston, 1/6th of our power, closes in 2011.

Murph said...

Just lock all the green environMENTALists in a secure concrete bunker, feed them a constant supply of "fair trade" tea and coffee, and have videos of hydrocarbons being burned on a constant loop. The resulting hot-air and ire generated could be tapped to make up for some of the energy gap. ;-)

Then throw away the key...