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Sunday, February 25, 2007

State climatologist gagged... only in America.

Delaware has directed the state climatologist to stop using his title when talking about climate change because his views do not align with the politicians...
"Your views on climate change, as I understand them, are not aligned with those of my administration"
Who is the scientist here? Well, you asked for a scientific opinion and not for a yes man to tow the party line. Oh, sorry, apparently the science doesn't matter any more.

The Daily Times reports similar occurrences in a few states in recent times - let the greenwash continue.

Friday, February 23, 2007

£414m for an embarrassment...

So, we've just been stiffed for £414,400,000 for the wee pretendy parliament... I wonder what other ways they will think up to squeeze money out of us...

Give us a referendum on whether we still want a Scottish parliament.
Give us a referendum on whether we still want to be a part of Europe.

Sack the lot of them.

Edinburgh Council benefit fraud

In another BBC article, I think it's quite amusing that Edinburgh Council are under fire for doing SFA about benefit fraud, even after being inspected...
"A government inspection into how the council handled the issue in the last year revealed they made limited use of prosecutions."
It's always interesting to see what we're paying for.

It's also interesting the hassle that an ordinarily hard-working citizen is faced with when they are in need of housing benefit and unemployment benefits... Work-shy bastards and criminals get away with defrauding the system, meanwhile the ordinary person out there who may on occasion need a hand from the benefit system gets fucked by it. But that's another story.

Greenpeace, give me peace.

As reported by the BBC, in a not entirely unexpected turn of events, Greenpeace terrorists activists have breached the security zone at the Gareloch.

There is an amusing picture of a RIB with Greenpeace painted down the side of it which has capsized on the Beeb page, with MOD-Plod boats all around.

Apparently 16 hippies were arrested which begs the question - are these people going to be charged under the prevention of terrorism act?

Rather than making 16 arrests, and using 10 police boats - why didn't we just torpedo the Greenpeace boat and save everyone time and money?

Monday, February 19, 2007

EnvironMENTALists don't take the hint on congestion charges

According to this BBC article, environMENTALists are moaning about wanting congestion charges.
"Environmentalists have called on politicians to explore the use of congestion charging to tackle Scotland's transport problems."
Blah Blah Blah...

Haven't the people of Edinburgh already overwhelmingly told the council to fuck off, and shove their congestion charges up their collective arses?
"This means greater investment in public transport, safer streets for cycling and walking, better land-use planning, and the introduction of a fair system of road-user or congestion charging."
I have to agree though, that I am not content with public transport, which is crap. The oft-lamented train lack-of-service to Fife (and I don't even go as far as Fife) needs to be sorted out, but even then, people are still going to want to use cars. People still like to have the convenience of not sharing their transport with unwashed tofu munching hippies.

On the subject of cycling, the streets would be safe for cyclists if the cyclists had lights on their bikes, stopped at red lights, didn't cycle on the pavement, and wore some reflective clothing. In case you haven't noticed, it has been dark recently, being winter time, and the cyclists I have seen on my various forays in to the city centre have mostly not had lights, or paid any heed to the highway code. Of course, the drivers get blamed for running these fuckwits over, which is just wrong. The drivers are merely cleaning the gene pool of people too stupid to be allowed to live.
"This weekend marked the fourth anniversary of the London Congestion Charge."
Scotland is NOT London. Surely that isn't too hard to grasp.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Home Secretary an idiot... film at eleven.

"Reid moves to toughen gun laws..."
Apparently our current gun laws aren't enough for our Home Secretary - he wants more! Read it and weep on ananova.

Hang on, haven't we heard this before? That and cries of "Won't someone think of the children?" When will people learn that criminals break the law anyway - you're not going to make carrying a gun any less appealing to them!
"He said it was also up to individuals to shoulder their responsibility as parents and as members of society."
I'd like to shoulder my responsibility, in the shape of a 12 bore shotgun. I'd like to shoulder the responsibility with a Sig Sauer, or a Heckler & Koch. I'd like to be able to shoot for sport. I'd like to be able to shoot for fun. I'd like to be able to protect myself from criminals.

Remember - Reid is doing this to protect us... Even though the police can only try to clean up the mess afterwards.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Because a yellow box will really stop a mugger

I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

Apparently young offenders are going to be let out to paint yellow "privacy" boxes next to ATMs, according to this BBC article.
"Pilots have shown that 'privacy spaces' can reduce crime at bank machines"
Pilots? What? Space cadets more like!

As if painting a yellow box near an ATM is going to put off the ignorant bastards that loiter close to you, or even better, ask you for spare change at the ATM. Like I am going to give them a tenner. Surely it's not a great leap of logic that you go to the money machine when you're skint. Furthermore, yellow boxes will further confound the morons who don't know how to queue at ATMs.

Can't we rely on common sense? Apparently not.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Blair just doesn't quit.

I can't believe this is actually news...

Although it is moderately amusing that he is having his collar felt again.