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Friday, September 29, 2006

Tim Cobbett gets a life

It would seem that just when EUSA thought Mr Cobbett had left, he has returned as a Life Member to stand for Senior Member, Finance Committee.

Surely it's not the same Tim Cobbett who said (that a Life Member) "has no right or reason to have any say or interest other than the fact she used to be an Edinburgh student." (That's about the only bit that's repeatable, and you know I'm not shy!)

So, by the same token, what are the reasons behind Mr Cobbett standing? Will he use it as a platform to rant and rave and bring the Association (and University) into disrepute through his actions?

Only time will tell.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

MSPs send pigeons on holiday to Ayr

In this BBC article, we're told that they are intending to spend approx £250 per nest to move the pigeons (they're vermin, by the way) to Ayr.

Apparently they ruled out anti-roosting spikes as being "unattractive" - well, no more unattractive than the Parliament and its inhabitants then, eh?

As per usual, the lunatics at "Advocates for Animals" are claiming this is a good use of public money, suggesting that we, the Scottish taxpayers would be happy that the pigeons are going to a wildlife sanctuary... Heaven forbid that disease spreading flying menaces be killed - it's not as if there aren't enough pigeons in the world.

... now if only we could get rid of those pesky MSPs too...

SNP brands defence of the realm "immoral"

Are the SNP smoking crack?

I ask that, when we all know the answer is "goat".

Anyway, the SNP have decreed that renewing Trident, our ballistic missile defence system, would be "immoral".

Their argument is "blah blah blah, no moral justification, blah". This, rather unfortunately assumes we can all turn the clock back and uninvent this (terrible) technology.

I have news for them. We can't turn back time. We have nuclear weapons. We need to continue to have nuclear weapons. We'd all love to uninvent them, but we can't, so we're stuck with them. We can't be assured that everyone else in the world will stop developing / not buy nuclear weapons, and we do need to be able to defend ourselves should we be faced with a war against a known enemy. (The "war on terror" doesn't count. obviously.)

That's the wonderful thing about being British though - we can sit and complain, and pontificate from within the blanket of security that others provide for us... and like it or not, nuclear weapons are part of that blanket.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Should dog licensing laws be changed? No - how about children being licensed instead!

After the tragic mauling of two kids by a dog, the slavering masses are talking about dog licenses again.

Here's a much better idea. License children.

Children are more likely to grow up to commit crimes, mug grannies and the like, than dogs. Ok, dogs are more likely to shit on the rug, but then children may do that in their first few years too.

People should have a license to breed, so we don't get plagued by more doley scumbags living off benefits for the duration of their lives - an aid to natural selection, if you will, that only people who can support a family can start one.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Criminal age should be raised...

In this stunning piece of "think of the children" liberal, namby pamby scratchings...

"A report for the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies says too many children are prosecuted and criminalised."

Oh really? Perhaps they should be taught some respect then? Perhaps they should be taught right from wrong by their parents?

"You run the risk of labelling them as criminals. They begin to see themselves as delinquents, others treat them as delinquents, and very quickly you are in a cycle that youngsters find it very difficult to break out of."

Well, if they're being bad wee bastards, then that's what they're being. A spade is a spade. Calling it something different doesn't change the situation any.

Bring back the Lochgelly tawse.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Edinburgh for Edinburgers!

Well, the festival is well and truly over.

This past week, I have enjoyed being able to walk into my favourite restaurants without having to book. I am once again able to hail a hackney conveyance in the street without waiting for a ridiculously long time.

I have friends who run bars and restaurants, who tell me the takings are fab over the festival - however, they're inclined to agree about being unable to get from one end of the city to the other.

Edinburgh City Council, of course, have started another batch of road works - not content with making motorists lives a misery before the festival, the after festival works are well and truly here...

Apparently residents have been asking for more residents' parking spaces - so CEC have duly painted in some more in Marchmont, Bruntsfield, The Grange, and somewhere near Leith St / London Road. The residents' bays opposite my flat are empty, so it clearly wasn't anybody here... Paying the council for the option of parking somewhere near where you live has never really appealed to me - hence I don't run a car here... But I am not at all convinced by the money grabbing, motorist hating council and their need for extended residents' parking zones.

Well, at least we don't have congestion charging.

Labour pains

Almost a week has gone by with the news full of "When will Tony Blair depart?"

This just in... Somone out there (not I) voted for him / them. You made your bed - now lie in it!

The only people who should be callign for Blair to go, are those who voted for other candidates / parties!

If nothing else, it means I can look forward to a few years of Tory rule after the next general election - since Labour is looking increasingly un-electable. Huzzah!