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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Capitalising on drivers in the capital...

The City of Edinburgh Cuntcil are further extending resident's parking to Morningside, Greenhill and Merchiston, as reported by the Hootsman.

Not content with fucking up traffic in the city in general, nor the introduction of resident's parking in Marchmont, and Newington, they are going to extend the zones.

Why don't they just post guards at the city bypass, and shoot drivers in the face, and steal their wallets?

Furthermore, they've been pissing money up the wall on bollards again. Remember the bollards on George Street? How long will these bollards on the High St take to be removed as a fucking waste of money, and a danger to life - The George St bollards weren't able to be lowered by the Fire Service. (According to my sources anyway).

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