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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beauly - Denny - Whiners

The BBC reminds us that Scottish and Southern Energy would like to provide homes with electricity, and in doing so, put some new transmission towers on the route across the country.

The BBC also reminds us that there are a number of people whining about these transmission towers, because they will spoil the natural beauty of the countryside.

Where were these objections when they put a herd of windmills on Sheriffmuir, and blighted the landscape where a famous battle took place. You can see the windmills from miles away. I note that "Stirling before Pylons" have a lovely photo of the Wallace Monument on their website... What can I see when I go home? The Wallace Monument, and a whole load of fucking windmills. If only they hadn't cropped that photo so neatly. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Stop and quiz?

The BBC reports that the government is considering giving police officers across the UK "stop and question" powers under new anti-terror laws, says the Home Office.

Let's just be clear, they're not going to ask you what 8x6 is, or who is the French prime minister...

"Anyone who refuses to co-operate could be charged with obstructing the police and fined up to £5,000, according to the Sunday Times."

It's also interesting that "Muslim" appears in the article 8 times... To be honest, I had imagined the police stopping and quizzing groups of neds on street corners who would reply "That's so harassment!" in their best Vicky Pollard voice... Interesting that the BBC would labour the point about Muslims, when I think more people are worried about gangs of youths on street corners.

There is a passing mention that the government should consider suspending part of the ECHR to allow it more leeway with people it doesn't like.

Perhaps this scheme should be called "Stop and go fuck yourself".

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Drunk teen on flight making a nuisance of himself - why is this news?

According to the Hootsman, some pimply oik was acting like a cock on a plane, was up before the Sheriff, and pleaded guilty to breach of the peace... Why is this news?

We only hear about these drunken twats on planes - but how many times have you heard groups of fuckwits on trains playing loud music, shouting and swearing at the top of their voices, and generally being tits. You don't hear about the ones on the ground being banged to rights!

We should have a black ball system, where passengers on planes, trains and automobiles can anonymously vote out the weakest link from their carriages... Too many of us suffer in silence as these ne'er do wells cause irritation for hours on end. We need ejector seats for the trains and automobiles, and a hatch with the option of a parachute for the planes.

Milliband expects you to pay twice to dispose of your rubbish.

Milliband, otherwise known as that fuckwit of an environment secretary, wants to charge households per bag of rubbish to help boost recycling.

Fuck you, you irritating little man. We already pay for rubbish collections - it is called council tax. I will burn effigies of Milliband with my rubbish to avoid this sort of crap. I would also suggest that if they introduce this, that we have some good old fashioned civil disobedience, and not pay the thieving bastards in government twice for half the service.

Rubbish tax 'to boost recycling' my arse. Throw Milliband in a bin instead.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Bzzzzzt! Wrong answer!

The BBC reports that a Taser has been used to quell a pub row in Broxburn. Interestingly, they do not say very much about what happened, other than the chap who didn't sit-the-fuck-down and shut-the-fuck-up when told, got zapped.

Firstly - it had to be Broxburn, didn't it?
Secondly - weren't tasers only issued to firearms officers?
Thirdly - there is no mention of the suspect being armed...

"A police spokesman said the gun, which releases a high voltage charge, was used to disarm and subdue the suspect who posed a serious and immediate risk."

Since they've not told us what sort of serious and immediate risk was posed, I can only assume (from several years of working on pub and club doors) that the guy was being a cock, and a fairly serious brawl had broken out. There have been one or two where my colleagues and I have had to just let people fight it out amongst themselves - but if only we had had tasers back then... Muahahahahaha.

So, getting back to the BBC's lack of reporting, are we seriously to believe that a firearms unit was called to this pub? Apparently Lothian and Borders Police did send a firearms unit - what did the guy do? Why are the numerous offences not mentioned? Enquiring minds need to know!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Scottish people vote for luddism

The SNP and Greens have come to an agreement which opposes the building of nuclear power plants... Agrees to cripple Scotland through the early introduction of "climate change legislation", and agrees that Scotland is better being out of the Union, no doubt that parties, like the greens, that nobody votes for, gets to further cripple the country with crackpot ideas.

I really don't know where to start. The SNP must be really desperate if they need to get the greens on side... All 2 of them. Ah yes, the benefits of the party list system - nobody actually voted for these people - they are now paid for out of our taxes through sympathy!

The BBC article that reports all of this includes a report of a dig from labour, who seem to forget that Scotland has been governed by a labour majority for close to 50 years. Why isn't the country prospering the way the labour supporters think we should be? That would be because Labour is a crock of shit. 50 years, and fuck all to show for it. People have the cheek to complain about Thatcherism, yet have never experiences a day of Conservative rule in their lives - labour councils, labour MPs, labour MSPs. So when the SNP are (barely) elected, and labour spit the dummy?

They're all as bad as each other.

Bio-fuels Biohazard

So, since coal, gas and oil are bad, Mmmmmkay? How good for the environment are bio-fuels? Apparently, not very.

Bio-fuels are currently causing deforestation, and due to the areas where bio-fuels are being grown, they are causing people to starve, because the land cannot be used to grow useful crops to feed the populace.

"The report says that around nine per cent of the world's agricultural land may be needed to replace just 10% of the world's transport fuels."

So in short, we're all fucked.

Blah blah blah, carbon footprints.


Greenpeace endanger lives...

... but at least it was just their own this time.

According to this BBC News report, Greenpeace idiots jumped in front of a fishing vessel, in the high seas.

What exactly were they trying to do, other than possibly getting themselves killed?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Angry people from around the world

The Helsinki Complaints Choir are angry, and sing about it. Hence the name, I suppose. Birmingham has one as well, but they were shit. There are choirs all round the world. I wonder if there is one near me.