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Sunday, March 04, 2007

MSP thieving bastard fiddling expenses, film at eleven.

Another great report in the Hootsman on Sunday, telling us what our (occasionally) elected MSPs are up to, and how they are trying to fuck us over a little more..

"Deputy finance minister George Lyon submitted expense claims for two car journeys in early April 2005 to the Scottish Parliament and around his constituency.

Yet on the same two days, he was visiting the US as part of the official MSP delegation to the annual Tartan Week celebrations."

The comments on the article are priceless... I wholeheartedly agree with 9, who wonders how the hell these people can possibly run affairs of state when they can't submit an expense claim without fucking it up at best, or maliciously trying to defraud the people of Scotland at worst...

Tell me again why we need the wee pretendy parliament?

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