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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The View from the dock

Apparently we have a 19 year old Dundonian who thinks he's the front-man for Babyshambles. Kyle Falconer, lead singer of "The View", was fined £1,000 for possession of cocaine. One can only wonder whether he had the same jeans on for four days before his court appearance.

Just what the world needs - another angsty youth, snorting coke and hoping to be like Pete Doherty when he grows up.

The only reason I have heard of this guy is they insist on playing "Same Jeans" at the gym I go to, with monotonous regularity. They must get fed up replacing the televisions I throw weights into.

Fuck off and get a real job. There are too many whining emo youth bands out there already telling us things we don't give a flying fuck about.

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