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Monday, August 14, 2006

Legislators miss the point, yet again

According to various news sources (The BBC) swords are to be banned...

I am sorely tempted to go out and buy a Katana, a Sabre, and a broadsword. The last two I could use in Tai Chi, the Katana just because it's a thing of beauty.

The trouble with this proposed legislation, from the ne'er do wells in the Scottish Parliament, emphasis on lament, is it again doesn't solve anything.

You need to legislate against the arseholes who carry knives and swords, and do business with them after a night out drinking. A reaction of "Think of the children" and "Quick! Ban it!" hasn't helped anyone in the past (look at gun crime) and here we are again.

Vote for the abolishion of the Scottish Parliament. After all, we only need one set of donkeys to run the country.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Climate change debate is 'porn'

That's the headline for a short article on page 2 of the Metro today. Yes I read the metro. It's useful for hitting tourists with.

Anyway, the article reads:

Language used to debate climate change in the environment is effectively 'climate porn', a study has claimed. It offers a thrilling spectacle but also distances people from the issue, the Institute for Public Policy Research said. After looking at 600 articles and adverts to find out how green groups, the media and the Government discuss the issue, it said many were alarmist and viewed the subject as thrilling.

Thrilling? Of course it is - it's the reason for most of these green groups to exist.
Without people being whipped into a religious fervour about their cause, they would have no purpose, and if they have no purpose, they would have to get a haircut, and get a real job.