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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Scottish Green 12 step plan...

The Scottish Green Party have a twelve step plan - a plan for a "low carbon" economy.

The trouble is, any time I read about these people, I can't help but wonder who votes for them. Oh yes, nobody. That's the beauty of the party list system.

Anyway, looking at this latest claptrap from the hippy party -

"irrefutable evidence" if you repeat lies often enough, they still are lies.

Scottish carbon output is a fraction of the UK's, and is a fraction of Europe's and is a fraction of the worlds output. Will it really make a difference, when we are already producing less carbon than so many other places?

"Act locally as well as nationally" how does this work with regards to the above?

The greens by scrapping the airport extensions are likely to cause financial harm to Scotland.

We produce more emissions in 3 days than a Malawian does in a year - and the Malawians intend to stay at that level of development do they?

"Personal carbon quotas" which are utterly meaningless when compared to other nations.

"High skill, low carbon economy" would that be similar to the 50% of school leavers in higher education? Utterly unworkable. As has become abundantly clear for anyone in high-tech industry, the far east can compete much better than we at manufacturing on the cheap. Just ask the thousands of people made redundant from Scottish electronics manufacturing, before you go as far back as heavy industry.

Renewable buildings - how many people are living in new builds, versus old, stone built properties that are difficult to retrofit with insulation?

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