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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

10 reasons you should (not) buy a mac

... 10 reasons you should fuck off.

The Register has a lovely wee article, with 10 reasons you should buy a mac...

Here are 10 why you should not.
  1. Mac owners are insufferable bores
  2. It's a fashion accessory, not a computer
  3. They look like a Fisher Price toy
  4. They are not "just better" than a PC
  5. They don't crash - my arse.
  6. Ripping the pish out of the worlds richest man (Bill Gates) doesn't sell more computers.
  7. Have you ever tried replacing the HDD on one of those clamshell ibooks?
  8. You can get "blah" for the mac - guess what, you can get it, and more, for other platforms too!
  9. Intel Inside - hang on, wasn't Power Inside the reason you should buy one a year or two ago, and Intel was crap?
  10. Mac owners are insufferable bores...
I get the distinct impression the mac is like that stunning blonde... Lovely to look at, you might even stick your dick in her, but otherwise, utterly useless, and not worth spending any quality time with.

As Charlie Brooker wrote in The Guardian -
"Better at "fun stuff", my arse. The only way to have fun with a Mac is to poke its insufferable owner in the eye."
As they say in the scary devil monastery - "All hardware sucks. All software sucks. All users suck." Which is too true...


Anonymous said...

Not much there to argue with.

The main reason for buying a Mac used to be because the GUI...then Windows caught up. Then it was because it was stylish...then most PC's caught up. Then it was because it didn't crash...and anyone who admits it, and hammers a Mac the same way as a PC get's hammered, knows this is shite.

Try and get your accessories to work properly first time as they claim...absolute fucking bollocks, and the software is no better.

Expensive and snobby fucking shite that does not compare well to a PC built and setupby a competent person.

I was there since the mid 80's and had both. I've had a small IT business since the late 80's and have used both no fucking Mac snob will tell me any differently, and most are just trying to justify paying too much for something restricted to what Mac lets you do with it; I, like the majority of the fucking planet, prefer to get down and dirty properly with a PC, and is the majority wrong?

Anonymous said...

"I get the distinct impression the mac is like that stunning blonde..."

No argument there then, you can stick your dick into the mac, I'll take the stunning blonde.

Call me shallow if you have to.

michael said...

The Mac is a much better machine.
I don't know about you but I think countless hours of time trying to figure stuff out is worth a lot more money. If you people were to actually take the time to see all the amazing features that are in a Mac, then you would agree with me. But "shotgun", you are right there isnt much to argue with because it so stupid you dont need to argue with it. "Mac owners are insuffarable bores," how is that an argument against Macs, plus how boring could they be to buy the more creative computrer as opposed to the boring one. "Its a fashion accesory not a computer" doesnt make any sense because just because it looks good doesn't mean its not a great (and better)computer compared to Microsoft or Linux. "They look like a Fisher Price toy," have you seen them lately? They look amazing, especially compared to a PC."They don't crash - my arse," they crash a lot less often than PCs."Ripping the pish out of the worlds richest man (Bill Gates) doesn't sell more computers," Microsoft is the one spending more time insulting its competitors than advancing the technology that they were supposed to release 5 years ago. VISTA SUCKS. You cant get easier to use "blah" by using iLife and other Apple products. And "shotgun" who the hell spells shit S-H-I-T-E. MACS KICK ASS!

Angry Steve said...

Who the fuck are you, and why the fuck are you posting on an article from March - has it taken your heap of shite mac this long to load my fucking blog?

Fuck off back under the Mac Classic from which you have crawled.

iLife? iRight, you need a fucking life.

""Mac owners are insuffarable bores," how is that an argument against Macs,"

Asked and answered.

It's also worth noting that Linux and Microsoft are not computers... Do you know the difference between software and hardware? Do you even know what a computer is?

Need I say more? Will you continue to embarrass yourself here? Feel free, I am only to happy to explain the error of your ways.

Anonymous said...

Dude, do you own a 1984 Mac or a MacBook Pro? There's a fuckin difference.

I use Vista, and Vista is the worst OS I've seen so far.

7 Reasons NOT to buy a PC:

1. Bill Gates stole the idea from his friend. He stole the entire concept and coding and everything.

2. Vista sucks when it comes to battery life. The longest time span I've gotten it to stay on between charging is 8 hours.

3. Their interface is totally shit. Right click on an icon, and the whole system crashes.

4. It's all about blogging and sharing photos and crap like that. I'm sorry, I don't need that toolbar to share all my photos with my friends and family. No I don't need to give my photos ratings.

5. There are about a million useless features that I don't need. Photos ratings, etc.

6. The graphics for the interface takes up lots of space. The transparent toolbars, gradients on buttons, etc etc etc. It takes up battery as well.

7. Everything is too "Web 2.0-ish." See #6.

Angy Steve. said...

"Dude, do you own a 1984 Mac or a MacBook Pro? There's a fuckin difference." Totally.

Fuck the fucking off, you fuckin asshole Steve. MacBooks are a lot fuckin better than PCs.

Get a fuckin life. One that's not on your fuckin PC and in actually real life.

Angry Steve said...

See previous comment about post from March '07.

See previous comment about scary devil monastery.

"Dude, do you own a 1984 Mac or a MacBook Pro? There's a fuckin difference." Totally.

Yeah, I know, I have used a lot of hardware, a lot of software and can confirm, it's all a load of stinking shite.

I can also confirm I know a lot of users, like yourself, who are a load of stinking shite.

Your point is, caller?

Anonymous said...

Aww, what's the matter, Macfags? Truth hurts?

Anonymous said...

Wft? Seriously? it's "SHIT" not "SHITE" you european bag of douche.

Anonymous said...

Angry Steve needs to clean that sand from irritating his sensitive vagina. Sorry, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Yea, seriously. What's wrong with steve? Must be his inability to spell the word "shit". It'd frustrate me too.