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Friday, October 28, 2005

Godless students

Not being one for shying away from controversy, I am compelled to post regarding the removal of Bibles from the rooms at Pollock Halls of Residence, The University of Edinburgh's largest accommodation site for first year students.

Bibles are to be removed, according to Student (that pinnacle of accurate reporting)...

Apparently having a Gideon's Bible in the rooms is seen as presumptuous, and rumour has it, the LGBT community had been lobbying for this.

This, as far as I am concerned, is another erosion of the Christian community - a Bible is hardly an offensive object - if you need it you may read it, and find solace in it. If you don't, then you can ignore it. I have a hundred books on my shelf I haven't read yet. Perhaps some day I'll read them. Perhaps some day I'll feel the need to read them. Perhaps some day they will provide me with a brillaint insight into life, and what it is all about.

To deprive people of that chance is criminal.

Oh, but they'll argue the Bible is available in common areas, and the Chaplaincy is available for people to seek advice. What about those who seek solace, and understanding in the book? What about those who may otherwise be embarassed by being seen reading the Bible, for fear of the slagging from their so called "mates"?

It's all very Farenheit 451, isn't it?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Quiet Carriage

I was on a GNER service from London to Edinburgh (Waverley, obviously) a couple of months ago. Since someone else booked the tickets, we were travelling in standard accommodation. However, they had decided the quiet coach was acceptable. Huzzah, thought I. I shall have peace for my long and arduous journey from King's Cross to Waverley.

Little did I know.

At Darlington, a single mother and her 3 brats got on, and sat slightly further up the carriage from us. These brats were anything but quiet, running up and down the carriage, shrieking when their mother went off to the buffet car / facilities / whatever, I really don't care.

I have no interest in talking to you, or telling your family to shut the fuck up. It's not difficult, It's a quiet coach (at the end of the day, I'd be annoyed by that behaviour on any coach on any train) it's not rocket surgery that people might expect it to be quiet in there.

The noise continued all the way to Waverley.

Suffice to say, the next time I travelled GNER, I booked myself, and went First Class. One is less likely to suffer the riff-raff in First. Although, you do then get peasants who don't understand the terms and conditions on upgrade tickets sitting in your coach.

Bah! One is not amused.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Kate Moss snorts coke

Who cares?

I think we'd all be more surprised if she didn't. Why are we getting so worked up over a glorified clothes horse anyway?

82 year old terrorist

An 82 year old man was ejected, and arrested at the Labour Party conference...
His crime was to shout "nonsense" during Jack Straw's speech. He was arrested under the anti-terror laws that are supposed to protect us from people planting bombs, and plotting mass destruction. Apparently heckling is considered an act of terror these days.

Wolfgang, 82, left Nazi opression to come to the safety of Britain. The question is, where will he go now?

The funny thing is that Tony Blair, and other leading Labour politicians have been telling us how this should never have happened. They were strangely quiet when the pensioner was being forcibly removed from the conference. They were there, weren't they? Telling us how they could remove more freedoms from the British public. Or weren't we supposed to notice?