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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Slappers happy slapping

What is it with happy slapping anyway? The only thing that would make me happy with regards to happy slapping is seeing one of these reprobates getting the kicking they deserve when they pick the wrong victim.

According to the Hootsman, the two most recent perpetrators of this "amusing pastime" have avoided prison...

We should bring back stocks, and leave the two wenches out in public for 24 hours of public ridicule. I'd even source a quantity of rotten vegetables to pelt at them, being a public spirited sort of man.


Roger Thomas said...

About 5 years ago hadn't heard of happy slapping. Was walking down street past 3 youths, one punched me straight in the face. Hardly felt it, but thought they wanted a fight so turned around And Shouted "So it's afight your wantin, come on then" To my surprise they ran off. 25 years ago I was OK at 800 metres so thought I'd close these teenagers down slowly. The unfit pricks I caught them after 40 yards. One fell to the floor crying so I jumped over him gently touching him with the side of me boot, just to let him know I could have kicked his head in if I wanted. Closing on the 2nd he turned to see where I was behind him. Bang he ran full pelt into a tall big brick gate post, went down like a sack o taters, I can still hear the thud and crunching of bones now. Closing on the one who punched me he rolled to ground and under a parked transit and started crying. I suddenly realised I was a 40 year old 16st of muscle construction worker and there was a trail of crying and damaged teenagers down the street. I left before the police came and lifted me. I only had the happy slapping thing explained to me later in the pub by some young lads I knew. I thought they wanted a bit of a rumble and was really confused when they ran off.

Another Angry Steve said...

Hahahaha. Roger, that there little story made me laugh and cheered me right up thanks