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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

EU MS Ruling

Being an angry man, and systems administrator, I hate all software, hardware and lusers, sorry, users.

Reading The Register, I noticed that some more buffoonery has occurred in the EU courts regarding Microsoft.

From the BBC report,
"Ms Kroes described the victory as "bittersweet", saying that software customers still have no more choice than they did three years ago."

Well, you can always choose Linux. Bwahahahaha, the fools!

Apparently MS was "ordered to make a version of its Windows operating system available without Microsoft's Media Player software." Because that'll make a big fucking difference. Which dolt came up with that?

Even more amusing is the fine to be paid by MS - €497m - I wonder if Bill will roll up and pay it in cash. Fuck it, he should just buy the court.

MS should appeal this utterly pointless decision. Not only do I believe that the European Courts are a waste of time, that Europe as a political power is a waste of time and money, but why should MS comply with the ruling?

As much as I hate a lot of the software from MS, they are the de-facto standard for a desktop OS, and office suite. Look at Openoffice... "What's that?" I hear you say... It's a pile of shite is the answer. MS have got where they are by being good enough that everyone that isn't a Mac luddite, or "I build my own computer" Linux fanboy uses it in business, schools and homes.

MS should tell the EU to fuck its self, and write it's own software. It wouldn't take long for the ruling to be overturned if people who previously suckled on the tit of MS rose up when they couldn't get their software fix.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Going, going, SCOne!

SCO has filed for Chapter 11!

As I mentioned last month, SCO are bastards, and their share price plummeted when a judge saw through their bullshit and ruled against them in the SCO vs IBM and common sense case.

The Register reports that SCO have applied for the infamous Chapter 11 financial protection - although their CEO still seems to believe that they can appeal the ruling that has caused this downward spiral... No, wait, it was their lying and cheating that did that...

One can only hope that Chapter 7 will follow shortly, and that the lying bastard McBride will be left penniless.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Noisy adverts on blogs

... and other webshites too.

"Hello, I am an irritating cunt, and I am here to tell you about this other web page you really should visit"

Shut the fuck up. Who the fuck asked you? I am here to read this page, not be assaulted by this shite.

So, I am reading a blog, and it's interesting, yet there is some cunt in a pink tie talking to me. What is it with video adverts, and pages that play sounds at you?

I am listening to Beethoven's 9th. I do not want to be disturbed by some irritating pink tie wearing fuck-face telling me to visit some site or other.

I can see why people install blocking widgets in their browsers to prevent this sort of intrusion.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Edinburgh City Council are idiots... film at eleven...

According the the Evening Hootsman, the cuntcil want to make pubs close earlier during the week to curb anti-social behaviour.

It says "vertical drinking establishments" - pubs and clubs which have little or no seating for customers - have a "significant bearing on the likelihood of crime and disorder".

Away and stop havering a load of pish. What has a bearing on crime and disorder, as the licensed trade will tell you, is serving people who are arseholes, rather than folk who are out for a couple of beers with their pals in a wee pub like The Bow Bar, Bennets, Bert's or Cloisters. You'll get some of the best ale in pubs that are standing room only, but that's not the point of this crap from the council...

Labour councillor Eric Barry, who is on the board, said he was against cutting the licensing hours and argued week nights were not the problem anyway. He said: "I'm a taxi driver and I've worked nights for 28 years. The problems are not Sunday-Thursday. It's late on Saturdays."

Whoah, sense from a Labour councillor. You've got to admit he's right though - just try walking down the Grassmarket or Lothian Road on a Friday or Saturday night... Dodging folk puking, or fighting. Fun for all the family.

This is the same council that want to save money by closing schools.

Here's an idea on saving money...

Sack the fucking lot of them. Councillors, and the staff.

And if this goes through, prepare to withhold an appropriate amount of Cuntcil Tax, to get the message across to these idiots that they work for us. Not the 20 people they carefully selected to say they want pubs closing early, and people in bed before 12. Idiots.