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Saturday, March 03, 2007

More hot air over CO2 emissions

The Grauniad reports an amusing article highlighting the green hypocrisy over CO2 emissions from transport.

Apparently shipping generates twice as much CO2 as air travel, yet is not covered by the Kyoto protocol. (That we're trying very hard to ignore).
Aviation carbon dioxide emissions, estimated to be about 2% of the global total [of human emissions], have been at the forefront of the climate change debate because of the sharp increase in cheap flights
Could it be that aviation emissions are targeted by the doom-sayers to make us all feel guilty about our damned capitalist ways? You have no right to exploit natural resources for vacation! Damn you!

The green-meanies then attack shipping, forgetting that their beloved Fairtrade products and the tofu they are munching on probably was delivered by the very ships they are now complaining about.
Yesterday Caroline Lucas, a Green MEP, said: "[Shipping] has got away with doing nothing and maintained a clean image which it does not deserve."
In a world where economies are driven by shifting goods around in the most efficient way, do the greens really expect us to go back to the good old days of wind powered ships, rotten vegetables and scurvy? And who voted for this green MEP woman anyway?

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Roger Thomas said...

Doesn't mention it in terms of units CO2 per tonne moved. Which has the less CO2 units involved. A bottle of wine shipped to Scotland from Ausralia or one trucked here from Spain. Does a tree make a sound ......What is the sound of one hand.....and why are the Greens always big on complaints and short on solutions.