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Friday, March 09, 2007

Strike three, you're out!

RMT are considering further strike action over pay and conditions, reports the BBC.
"The row is over proposed changes to shift patterns and centres on how a 35-hour week, agreed last July, is to be implemented nationally. It has been largely accepted in England and Wales."
I wish I worked a 35 hour week. I think my boss wishes I worked a 35 hour week too...
"The union's general secretary Bob Crow said he would be recommending further industrial action in Scotland and for the balloting of the rest of the signal workers in Britain."
Who the fuck is this guy? (Oh yes, Bob the knob, who doesn't like using the normal arbitration system available for when trade unions have grievances like this...)

Sack the fucking lot of them. My day is being disrupted because I cannot get to and from work as normal. In this day and age, on the privatised railways, these people should not get away with this.

Nobody is forcing them to work, if they don't like the conditions, they can fuck off and get a job they like. I work in an industry which has been decimated by job losses. Our work is being sent to far away parts of the world. The signallers should be fucking thankful they still have jobs.


Anonymous said...

Won't happen...even the unions that have left Labour affiliation won't rock the boat too much and are still Labour knob suckers.

At worst a 24 hour work to rule.

Hugh Miller said...

Look at the recent history of strike action and you'll see that it's always government employees striking over the usual; pay and conditions.

What we should have is prisoners doing these jobs for free and letting the rest of us get on with getting on...