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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Oink! Oink!

No, not the pig cold that's going about... Our MPs...

The MPs who are taking the piss with their expenses.

Their expenses - OUR money, and they claim it's all legal and above board because... the system was designed by other MPs with their snouts in the trough.

It's not really the MPs fault though - it's ours. We allowed this to happen. Us.

Whilst the BBC reports on the matter, I am much more amused by The Daily Mash.

Maybe a good dose of Ivermectin would rid us of these parasites, but then the streets wouldn't be running with the blood of the corrupt politicians who we are allowing to ruin this country.

Hang 'em high!

Now there's a surprise

"Key tram section to be year late" proclaims the BBC.
"SNP MSP Shirley Anne Somerville said she was worried some parts of the route may be scrapped if it runs over budget."

Some parts? It's only one track! ONE!

A TIE lackey makes excuses:
"Any delays associated with these works have been regularly and widely communicated to the local business community and residents in the affected areas."

Ah, so that's why there are businesses with these in the windows then, eh?

We're even down to blaming dead people for the delays:
"The technical challenges in some areas of the tram route, including the removal of a 150-year-old gas main and the discovery of 300-year-old bodies, have unfortunately had an impact on the programme."
All I am getting is "waaah waaah waaaah waaaah waaaah".

In a city like Edinburgh, surely you would have some sort of contingency plan built in? Same with their budget - but it seems they've used it up...

Still no signs of an audit, still no signs of the people of Edinburgh actually standing up to the cuntcil.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


The interwebs (WSBTV, Atlanta) reports that a group of college students said they are lucky to be alive and that they're thanking their quick-thinking gun carrying friend.

Bailey said the gunmen started counting bullets. “The other guy asked how many (bullets) he had. He said he had enough,” said Bailey.

That’s when one student grabbed a gun out of a backpack and shot at the invader who was watching the men. The gunman ran out of the apartment.

Now, if you're taken at gunpoint by two guys, told to hand over your wallets, phones and jewellery, then the gunmen start asking themselves how many rounds of ammunition they have. They separate the men and women. Now one of them is about to sexually assault someone in the apartment. What are you going to do? Most people are powerless to fight back.

The first rule of a gunfight is bring a gun.

Of course, if this had happened in Britain, we'd have the student arrested.
Time and time again we see law abiding folk being victims because they are not able to respond to violence from criminals. It makes a refreshing change to see that a potential victim turn the situation around, and save the lives of his friends.

Just remember, when you have seconds to live, the Police are only a few minutes away.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's the MEPs who need clubbed

Well, I blogged about this last summer, and it looks like those bastards in Europe have done it.

The Hootsman reports that "the manufacture and sale of sealskin sporrans will be illegal from next autumn. This will affect existing unsold stock and also the second-hand trade."

I suggest we start clubbing MEPs.