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Monday, April 02, 2007


I read this twice, given the proximity to 1st April.

The BBC report that locals are protesting about the protesters who block the roads, and generally piss the locals off on a daily basis.
"There's not a problem with the peace camp but over the last six months we've had the roads blocked, kids not getting to school, doctors not getting to surgeries, carers not getting to the elderly."

The hippies respond with...
"We feel that if these horrible, immoral weapons are here we have to come and put our bodies in the road and do what we can personally to try to stop them."

The simple answer is, run the fuckers over.

If they block the public highway so that locals can't get to and from shops, schools, houses, hospitals and so on... Run the fuckers over - that'll soon let us know how true they are to their cause. Loitering in the middle of the road seems to be having more effect on the people who live in the area, rather than those at the base. Does that not tell you that perhaps they are missing the point, and blocking the road is a waste of time? How to really get your voice heard. Wankers.


Murph said...

It's a rural area - it would be a real shame if one of the local farmers happened to press the wrong button on his muck-spreader when forced to do a 3-point turn, just when the much spreader happened to be pointing at the folk blocking the road (and hopefully not the hard working and, presumably, very bored police officers and local residents).

Anonymous said...

That does the trick with pikey fuckers who refuse to move. Seen it done a couple of times and it works.

Another one is to go out lamping and shoot close to where they are; if they shouldn't be there they have no defence and you can't be blamed for scraing morons who shouldn't be there.

Angry Steve said...

Trouble with the lamping suggestion, Shotgun, is that you then run the risk of a couple of angry bootnecks with larger weapons than you start shooting near you!

Murph, I think you're talking shit. And I like it. Having been covered in slurry once before, I agree, it's rather unpleasant.

Johnny said...

Aha! Now the reason for those trips to Germany come out... `business' indeed. You are indeed into the Schiesse pR0n as we've long suspected.