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Friday, March 09, 2007

Do some murderers spend too long in jail?

The title has been gleefully plundered from this BBC HYS forum. There is an article in the Torygraph... and a blog post from Burning our money.

How can murderers possibly spend "too long" in jail? There is no such thing! Are their victims any less dead after "too long" - I think not!

If they're spending too long in jail, it's only because we haven't hanged them.


Anonymous said...

I think many murderers do spend too much time in jail...they should have been fucking hung years ago...especially cunts like that Hirst twat who is now delusional and thinks himself soemthing special.

One day is too long in jail.

Hugh Miller said...

When "they" killed the death penalty (there's irony), the promised that life woul dmean life. Now life means between 7 and 20 years. And even those sentences can be taken to the human rights courts. Cunts.

But now they've been given the vote I wonder how long it'll be til politicians are demanding shorter sentencing policies and more freedoms for those in jail.

They used to hang you for shagging a sheep, I think the pendulum has swung too far...

Alastair Diack said...
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Alastair Diack said...

Saw some articles in the Scotsman that showed we are letting them go early because they've "behaved" what else are they to do in prison?
Savage Killers Minimum Jail term Cut