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Monday, March 05, 2007

Stamp out stamp duty...

This is quite topical for me, since I am looking for a new flat at the moment...

Aitchbaws are calling for the 250k stamp duty limit to be raised - this Beeb article tells you all about it.
"if those thresholds had gone up in line with house price inflation since 1997, the £250,000 limit would now be £680,000 and the £500,000 barrier would be £1.36m."
Which is an interesting point - remember our illustrious leaders are pocketing £7500 each time a property sells for £250,000 (That's a two bedroom flat in Edinburgh). Where is this money going?

And just to make me angrier...
"research showed the average stamp duty bill was highest in Edinburgh (at £2,027) and East Renfrewshire (£1,916)."
Even if the government take this on board, it'll be too late for me, and I'll be £7500 poorer for no good reason, other than the government are bastards. BOHICA.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

£250,000 that's a garage in London N2.

Hugh Miller said...

There was a time when Labour governments were elected to tax n spend. Those days are in the past (and in the past etc...)

Unfortunately, Labour governments still have to spend n tax. So they came up with 'stealth taxes' - a bit like the bombers except these ones manage to hit their targets - you and, unfortunately, me.

Poor Gordon has so many extra special taxes to collect that he's had to employ a huge army of collectors and inspectors to gather it all in to the treaury coffers.

Personally I think the stamp duty money just about manages to pay their wages.