This is a collection of thoughts and statements about things that annoy me. I am a big, angry man. Hear me roar, or piss off and give me peace.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Taser vs HK MP5

So, the crybabies are whining that tasers are bad... Strathclyde Police have just rolled them out to their firearms officers. The crybabies are complaining about the number of taser related deaths and injuries (in the US) and want to exercise extreme caution...

It all comes down to this though - I think most people would rather be tasered than shot.

These are firearms officers. If they are called, the situation is serious. The other things they carry are Heckler & Koch machine pistols, and glock pistols. Clearly, I'd rather not be on the receiving end of any of that, but the taser would be the winner for the one I am most likely to live through.


Clarkson gets pie in the face

Jeremy Clarkson was pied the other day. What crime had he committed? He was receiving an honorary degree at Oxford Brookes. It was done by a tree hugger, and the pie was composed of fair trade produce (according to newspaper reports). This was apparently to hammer the point home to Clarkson that... that... Oh whatever.

Why the irritating bastard who threw the pie wasn't punched in the face is anyone's guess.

Monday, September 19, 2005

So much anger, so little time.

I am told they want to try to ban Coca Cola products from the Students' Union again. They being the lunatic fringe group, People and Planet.

These people annoy me. Not only do they have absolutely no idea that they are going to boycott the Association out of existance, but as soon as they get a job and start paying tax, they'll end up voting tory. (As well they should). Perhaps they do know that if we ban Coca Cola (given Nestle is already banned) then we ban a few other things they don't like... We might as well shut up shop today.

Of course they tell us we should think of the children, as all good lunatics do. However, Coca Cola tastes good, and is a market leader for a reason. Let the customers choose, keep your fucking boycotts to yourselves.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I am an angry violent man, trapped in a lazy pacifist's body

Need I say more? People have said I should write a blog. For some reason (boredom and lack of booze) I have decided to write one.

You have been warned.