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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Heavenly Pizzas - Uncommonly good customer care...

Imagine my surprise to receive a telephone call all the way from Aberdeen. Mr James Cummings, MD of Heavenly Pizzas read my blog post and called me about the issues I had posted about.

Clearly I was surprised that someone had (a) found my blog (b) read it and (c) had bothered to get my phone number and call me!

I emailed Mr Cummings, and after a few email volleys, he explained what steps he was taking to ensure that the online ordering system was fixed, and that staff in the Edinburgh branch of Heavenly Pizzas received the appropriate training.

As I said to Mr Cummings, I have continued to use their pizza delivery service because the pizzas are so damn good!

I'd like to make it abundantly clear that I was not asked to make any amendments to my blog post, or to make this one, but because he took the trouble to take customer satisfaction seriously, I felt compelled to make this post. I was so taken aback, since in these modern times most people adopt the "take it or leave it" approach.

So, what had been a not so great experience of Heavenly Pizzas has now been fixed due to them having a boss who cares enough about his business to give things a personal touch, and actually speak to customers, and most importantly, listen to them.

Now, if only the MD of First Scotrail would read my blog...


Fidothedog said...

Nice to see that customer care is not just a word.

Sadly far to many companies take the money and care not a jot afterwards.

Virgin Media & Barclays Bank are to I have had run in's with in the past,

Grant said...

If he phones again you might want to remind him to renew the domain...