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Friday, November 02, 2007

Heavenly Pizzas - Devilishly poor business sense...

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Heavenly Pizzas - Uncommonly good customer care...


Heavenly Pizzas make delicious pizzas, but clearly know fuck all about running a business. For the second time, Heavenly Pizzas have attempted to overcharge me for an order I have placed online with them. (My previous order was placed on the 19th of October, so it's not like I am taking the piss here).

I ordered this on their webshite:


And when the delivery chap arrived, he attempted to charge me this:


Now, there is clearly a discrepancy here.

The delivery chap, quite correctly, called his gaffer, who after a minute or two, told him the price he was trying to charge me was correct... The delivery driver thought this was wrong since I showed him the website printout above, and since it is wrong, but was told that was the price.

I then called the shop, and talked to the chap in the shop, who explained that the website was wrong, that the offer was only available in Aberdeen, was not available in Edinburgh on a Friday night, and that I should pay the full price.

I pointed out to him that I selected my order online, told their system my postcode, so it knew I was in Edinburgh, and entered a contract with their shop when I agreed to the price on their website, at £22.50 for the 2 pizzas, and associated starters I suggested that he should honour that price. Suffice to say, he was not convinced, and suggested I should visit the shop to see what was on offer on a Friday. Of course, I pointed out that I had ordered online, and as such, the online order I submitted in my browser was the word of God, and should be honoured. (I didn't mention Trading Standards, although I should have). After much grumbling about "other customers" having "been told" about this, he eventually relented (which was his only option) and accepted the £22.50 due. I did tell him his argument was really with the folk who run their website, since the online public cannot be expected to absorb information about which offers are valid by a process of telepathy. The bemused delivery chap disappeared off with that and a tip for having to suffer this nonsense, and my friend and I sat down to pizza and assorted shenanigans.

Let this be a warning to you out there - I know there are other Edinburgers who read this, and who probably eat pizza too. Everyone should order the two for a tenner deal from Heavenly Pizzas on a Friday, and when they try to weasel out on the deal, point out to them that that was the price THEY ADVERTISED!!!

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