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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Edinburgh Trams are crap...

...a 111 year old clock agrees, and has taken a stand.

The Edinburgh Evening Hootsman reports that the old clock at the top of Leith Walk has called time on this tram nonsense which is fouling up our fair city.

Sadly, the resistance mounted by the grand old clock is likely to be overcome next month as measures have been taken to avoid damaging the cast iron column that is causing the bother.

Tell me again why we allow Edinburgh Cuntcil to vandalise the city in this way?


Mr H said...

The key phrase in the story is;

"Tram workers have now taken a mould of the supporting column in case of any problems when it is finally removed next month."

Trans: we're going to smash it to bits with a bulldozer and make a glass fronted replica, complete with bijou living space and planning permission for offices.

Mark said...

7 months late in commenting but never mind. What gets me is that the council won't let me paint my door any colour I want, or put a virgin media cable up the front of my flat, but they will happily approve the demolition of a lovely old building like the Caledonian Ale House. Double standards? Not half.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this government e-petition...

It's about binning the whole tram idea, and going with segways!

Fanstatic idea in my opinion