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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Of all the things to plagiarise...

I was being very vain, and did a quick google for a domain name which I own.

I found a Powerpoint thing I did a couple of years ago for The TARDIS Project, at The University of Edinburgh.

I found that the next link was to some guy somewhere who had gleefully plundered my carefully crafted (made up in an hour or so) DNS and BIND tutorial.

I wouldn't mind so much, but I am not credited in his thievery, although it's rather obvious since he left my username in one of the slides, the donkey fucker, and also there are several references that I wouldn't expect a Redhat monkey to make...

sjh@mccoy:~$ cat /etc/hosts localhost mccoy baker packages

And here's the domain name I was searching for - at the time I wrote the tutorial I didn't have my company:

Fault tolerance? Through nifty DNS hacks 60 IN A 60 IN A 60 IN A

So, M. A. Agheli, whoever you are, it's polite to at least add a link to the thing you're stealing, or at least, don't make it so fucking obvious.

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