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Friday, August 31, 2007

A nation of idiots...

The BBC reports on the falling literacy and numeracy levels in the country at primary school level.

"While there has been real progress over the last 10 years, we need to continue to push for year-on-year improvement because it is vital that all children gain a thorough understanding of the basics.

That is why we are doing much more to support early reading, writing and maths."

I think the issue is that politicians keep fucking about with things they know nothing about. How about letting the teachers teach? Also, the inability of people to realise that kids have different abilities, and no amount of socialist claptrap will render them equal. Indeed, chances are it will hold everyone back.

When you then consider that GCSE passes have increased - perhaps due to the bar being set lower each year? Science, in particular, has been in the news a lot recently...

"It is not a lowering of the bar, rather a raising of the bar since candidates have to engage with and positively respond to more questions than previously."

Responding to questions that don't actually ask them anything meaningful. A science question does not actually test anyone if set so absurdly easy that all the pupils pass. Science is supposed to be hard. It's also supposed to be rewarding and interesting. The exams are supposed to be a benchmark for how much (useful?) stuff you have learned - and as such should not be too easy.

Cambridge University would like to see tougher A levels, since it might actually give them some idea how well their applicants did at school!

In an attempt to make everyone have a pass at GCSE level or whatever, all that is happening is the exam is being reduced to something utterly worthless. You might as well hand the exam passes out to wipe your arse with.

Interestingly enough, I've not seen much about the standards in Scotland being lowered. (Other than the social engineering of University admissions reported last year). I don't imagine that's because it's not the case - I expect our politicians to meddle and make the same mess...


Lucy said...

Hey, Angry Steve!
Just popped in to say Hi! This is my first time at your blog.

Hey, by the way, "Why are you so angry?"

I guess I'll have to read your archives to find out!

You might as well hand the exam passes out to wipe your arse with.

Ohhhh, now I get it. Now I see the catalyst behind the anger. (rubbing hands together anticipatively) Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

Feel free to stop by my spot and see what makes me so angry! (I'm a standup comedienne in NYC, blogging her way to stardom!) Can't wait to see your comment!

Dan said...

The trouble with science at school (at least up to GCSE) is that it's not particularly rewarding or interesting. Health and fucking Safety (for the most part) issues prevent interesting Chemistry experiments being done, except for by the teacher in front of the room. GCSE Physics is a lot of inaccurate bollocks (did you see the paper linked to from the article about this in The Times?) - some of the questions were misleading, and with some of the multiple choice answers more than one was right.

Is it any wonder that kids aren't interested in science any more? So, obviously, the answer is to make it easier. Bah.

Anonymous said...

One thing Scotland doesnt have too many of (yet) but England does is a vast number of 3rd world immigrants from countries where the average IQ is in double digits. Add them to the student population and bingo the results head down and down.