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Monday, August 13, 2007

Carbon Criminals?

If I hear the phrase "Carbon Criminal" one more time, I am going to rip off someone's head, and shit down their neck. (Typically, the phrase is spouted by these types)

The grabasstic fuckwits are telling us that they hate "carbon criminals" (man) (because we're so fucking hippy) Ah just fuck off. I am not interested in your tofu munching nonsense.

You're made of carbon you fucking idiot. We're carbon based life forms. If anyone here is a carbon criminal, it's you. We could set you on fire, thus keeping us from burning oil for 5 minutes. Put yourself out of our misery and fuck off.


Fidothedog said...

Why are the police not kicking ass on those unwashed hippy protests who are breaking the law on trespass?

Angry Steve said...

Because big bad George Monbiot will whine on national television about it.

And guess what...

George Monbiot can go and fuck himself too.