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Thursday, August 23, 2007


No, not the delightful beans which turn into an equally delightful beverage.

Sun Microsystems have announced via the gaffer's blog that they are going to change their NASDAQ symbol from SUNW, a symbol of quality, that harks back to their early days "Stanford University Network Workstations", a reassuring symbol of how things were, and how reliable they are... to JAVA. JAVA? I mean, how the fuck can they possibly think that re-branding the entire corporation...

"Ask a teenager if they know Java, and they'll point to their favourite mobile applications"

No. Ask a teenager if they know their arsehole from their earhole. A teenager does not spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on SUNW... Teenagers do not have Sun Workstations at home, and teenagers do not know what Solaris is. (With the possible exception of them confusing it with that fucking film with Geroge Clooney).

"But SUNW represents the past, and its not without a nostalgic nod that we've decided to look ahead."

Those who forget their past are fucking idiots.

"To be very clear, this isn't about changing the company name or focus - we are Sun, we are a systems company, and we will always be a derivative of the students that created us, Stanford University Network is here to stay. But we are no longer simply a workstation company, nor a company whose products can be limited by one category - and Java does a better job of capturing exactly that sentiment than any other four letter symbol. Java means limitless opportunity - for our software, systems, storage, service and microelectronics businesses. And for the open source communities we shepherd. What a perfect ticker."

Gaaaaah. Marketing bullshit at its worst. Why are they wantonly changing these things? Check out the grumpy responses on the gaffer's blog... They do not like this! The consensus is, Java is a flash in the pan, and SUNW remains. Learn from this. Do not let the marketing weenies fuck this up.

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