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Monday, August 06, 2007

Hippies told to go away

The BBC reports that BAA have been given the injunction to keep the hippies away from Heathrow.

Before the usual hippies start whining about the rights of the Luddites being trampled on, perhaps we should remember that BAA also has the right to go about their legitimate business without being disrupted by people taking so called "direct action" against them.

A better solution, perhaps, is that the hippies should be allowed to get on with it, on the condition that we allow angry business travellers and holidaymakers to sort them out if they cause disruption to the running of the airport? I think that sounds fair...

I think sympathy with their causes would diminish rapidly when Mr and Mrs Average miss a flight due to Luddites on the runway.


Fidothedog said...

The easy way of getting rid of hippy's is soap and water.

Phil A said...

Why do these scuzzbags seem to feel they have a perfect right to ruin things for the rest of us who have saved and paid good money, often for their one holiday in a year with no consideration, just because they, in their ignorance, don’t approve of air travel.

Joe said...

Problem with this is that BAA played very dirty from before the protest started, trying to take out bans on folks travelling to the Heathrow area if they were planning on protesting. Excuse me??? WTF? Agree or disagree with them, but since when did it become okay to try and stopfolk from travelling on public bloody transport in case they hacked off some big business?? Although I suppose if they hadn't been able to travel it would reduce their carbon footprint :-)

On disrupting Heathrow though, I doubt they can do a better job of fucking it up than the twonks who actually run the place, the baggage handlers who normally always go on strike in the middle of the summer or BA.