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Friday, August 17, 2007

Edinburgh council to strike, will anyone notice?

The BBC reports that Edinburgh Council employees have voted to strike over threats of cuts and redundancies... I await these strikes with great interest, since I suspect the people of Edinburgh will not notice a thing.

George Lee, Unison's Edinburgh branch secretary, said: "Council services are all about people. People use the services and people deliver them.

"They are home helps, education and social work staff, engineers, road workers, environmental health staff.

It's a damn shame these people don't work in the real world where factories can halve the number of staff, stop manufacturing in this country, and outsource everything to the Far East at the drop of a hat... Curiously, I haven't seen strike action taken there.

Get the wasters out of the council - too many people seem to think a job is for life in local government, and are utter wastes of space. It has been a long time since I worked in a council, but from what I am told, the slacker attitude hasn't changed at all, and it needs to change when it is us who foot the bill.


Cato, author of said...

I bet I won't notice the difference if the Council shuts down for a few days. I only hope we get a redcution in our Council Tax (fat chance).

mo said...

Was angry about someone else's reply to you on their blog, but have to agree about council wasters. I am council worker- not in Edinburgh! - and am surrounded by so many people who are a total waste of space - 2 hours for a coffee break?! There are some of us who still do a hard day's graft, but basically the wankers predominate! I am also an angry council tax payer!!!!!