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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hang 'em High

I am, of course, referring to SCO.

"SCO 'disappointed' as shares plunge 70 per cent"

70% is a good start.

For those of you who were not following this debacle, SCO claimed to own a bunch of Unix copyrights and code, and started throwing their weight around to get licence fees from companies like Sun, RedHat, large organisations running linux, etc.

Sadly, SCO does not own the copyrights. Novell does. This was announced on Groklaw on Friday.

SCO's shares have plummeted, which is pants-wettingly funny.

I can only hope that IBM give SCO the coup de grĂ¢ce sooner rather than later. This has dragged on for too many years, and Darl McBride needs to be strung up for misleading SCO's investors. By misleading, I, of course, mean, lying to.

One can only wonder where SCO is going to find the money it owes to all the companies it has fleeced for licensing over the past couple of years.

The vultures are circling - but I don't think there will be much flesh left on the carcass when this is over...

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Aberdeen Patriot said...

Liked your post on SNP site ref trident.

While all of Britains enemies like Iran etc are busy trying to arm themselves our lot do the opposite.