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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blogs need content warnings? Tim O'Reilly needs a reality check.

According to the busybodies of the world, "Weblogs need content warnings".
Blogs which are open and uncensored should post an "anything goes" logo to the site to warn readers, the code suggests.

Readers of these blogs would be warned: "We are not responsible for the comments of any poster, and when discussions get heated, crude language, insults and other "off colour" comments may be encountered. Participate in this site at your own risk."

You come in to my electronic home, and tell me how to live?
Fuck off!

You've come to this site to read my rants. MY RANTS, dammit.
You can agree, disagree, fuck off, I don't care. But you came here of your own free will.
"You don't have to insult people to be frank."
But sometimes it's just funny.
I find myself agreeing with Jeff Jarvis, who is quoted as saying -
"I don't need anyone lecturing me and telling me not to be disagreeable."
Fuckin' A.


Anonymous said...

's right, we don't have to insult people to be frank...but we might like it, and people don't have to come and be insulted; if they don't like it they can fuck off, the same as this fucking pansy.

Will said...

Considering how O'Reilly was trying to protect us all from sweary rants, do you think he's pissed off at the number of sweary rants he's generated? Will anyone care?