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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Not raising a glass to a proposed rise in the drinking age.

Apparently, the do-gooders in the IPPR are seriously wanting to increase the age for buying booze from 18 to 21, to curb "under-age and binge drinking".

Well, hello? McFly? Are you really fucking dumb? By increasing the drinking age, all you're going to do is increase the number of under-agers drinking.

The BBC reports -

By raising the age threshold, he claims: "It is at least possible that those in their early and mid teens will not see drink as something they will soon be allowed to do so therefore they might as well start doing it surreptitiously now."

And it's utter bollocks. They'll see it as even more of a laugh to drink, since it's even more not allowed by the nanny state. What's even better is that he goes on to concede that this will not actually solve the problem, but in true "something must be done" and "won't somebody think of the children" fashion, he's prepared to fuck it all up.

Some kids are still going to get shit-faced on Buckfast, MD 20/20, Merrydown, and other such delightful beverages. Some are not. No amount of fannying around from a new labour think tank is going to change that.

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