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Friday, April 20, 2007

Daiquiri is good for you

The BBC have lifted my spirits today by telling the world that a daiquiri is good for you.

"Strawberries are good for you but having them in a cocktail may make them even healthier, a study suggests.

The fruit contains compounds that can protect against cancer, heart disease and arthritis."

I wonder if it's still good for you after the 10th one? I hope so.

"Whilst this study suggests that consuming strawberries with alcohol increases the antioxidant capacity, there are clearly detrimental effects of consuming alcohol in terms of cell damage.

"So any potential antioxidant benefits may be cancelled out by the potential liver damage caused by too much alcohol."

Curses! I shall have to try this theory out, and find the sweet spot for anti-oxidant goodness, and avoiding cirrhosis.

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