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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Taking the hot air out of global warming

A friend posted a link to the Torygraph, which was an article on Global Warming, and why we should remain sceptical about all of this hype surrounding
climate change.

The article link is here

Within that, there's a link to a 40 page paper detailing the Viscount Monckton's research on the subject.

It is apparent that for too long we have been subjected to foaming at the mouth greenies and eco warriors preaching doom and gloom about climate change
- with very little understanding of the science behind what they are harping on about. For some reason they also seem to believe what computer models
are telling them - which fascinates and horrifies me at the same time.

I think it's quite refreshing to see someone take a much more sensible approach to the debate - indeed, there is no scientific consensus, unless you're
counting consensus amongst a band of pals who want to continue their funding - and that of the EU who refuse to withdraw support for flawed arguments
and proposals on climate change.

The worst problem with this article though, is that the very people who need to read it, and perhaps understand it, are the people who will not be
swayed by scientific debate. At the end of the day, if they are shown to be wrong about their assertions on climate change, then they're out of a job.
The debate has become religious... We are in an Ecotheocracy where climate change denial is seriously being touted as up there with holocaust denial.

I will no doubt enrage a number of stoodents when I post this on their favourite hippy forum, but then I am almost universally hated by them anyway.

Oderint dum metuant

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Anonymous said...

If we're not trusting computer models, all we have to go on is the actual experiment itself, which requires the use of a planet, which we only really have access to one of at the moment.

Basically, we can't really tell for sure what's going to happen until it does, but we know that some of the things that might happen could be pretty fucking bad and that none of them are really particularly good, so we should probably try to keep things as they are.