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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Meddling MSP blames bank for Farepak failure

Well, apparently some ne'er do well in the wee pretendy parliament is calling for a boycott of HBOS due to the (correct) judgement not to continue Farepak's huge overdraft.

Elaine Murray thinks HBOS is to blame for Farepak being unable to run a profitable business, and that HBOS should be boycotted as a result. Does she think HBOS are a charity?

She is quoted in the BBC article:

"These are hard-working, prudent people, who prefer to save rather than take out a loan or use a credit card, who do not know how to explain to the children than Santa won't be coming this year."

Well, why didn't they invest the money - maybe even a wee savings account? I'd ask why we elect fuckwits like Elaine Murray, but when her constituents can't even use a bank account, are we really surprised?


not an idiot said...

um, they did invest the money you idiot.

Angry Steve said...

In a random company that isn't a bank?

They can fuck right off.

Remember, shares can go down as well as up - not that these were shares.

I think you'll find whilst I may be an idiot - they were bigger idiots. And you might even be the biggest idiot of all defending them.

not an idiot said...

yes, in a company that isn't a bank. You having trouble understanding it? It's still an investment and I do believe you said, "why didn't they invest the money". I'm answering you. And it wasn't a random company, Farepak has been a Christmas saving scheme for almost 40 years.

What's idiotic is your attitude, as if it was these people's fault for the compnay going tits-up. In an age where more and more people are going up to their eyeballs in debt, you would think people like this would be applauded for doing something constructive.

And what the fuck does this mean:
"I think you'll find whilst I may be an idiot - they were bigger idiots. And you might even be the biggest idiot of all defending them." Its complete nonsense. you make no attempt to even justify why i'm an idiot for defending them.

Angry Steve said...

We are talking about paying in advance for a Christmas hamper.

I am a bit confused why anyone would buy now and receive later. This is the only implementation of this purchase model I can think of...

(I have to admit to agreeing with you on the vast quantities of debt in society in general though...) But still, I fail to see why anyone would do this when they could put the money into a bank account and earn interest on it then buy a hamper if they wanted when they have saved enough money...

Maybe I was just brought up to save up for things?

If these people had used a bank, hell, even if they had used a biscuit tin in their kitchen for this, they would not be in this mess...

Don't get me wrong, I think the management of Farepak should have their asses handed to them over this, but come on - had the "investors" invested in more sensible ways...

I think that had this been a big company with a bunch of regular shareholders who had just lost out, we'd not be having this discussion because it would be barely newsworthy, and shrugged off - mostly because the socialists out there would say "oh well, that's capitalism for you and serves the pig-dogs right".

Anonymous said...

Not an idiot is a fucking moron trying to justify a bunch of stupid fucking morons paying money to a company to ave for christmas instead of putting it in a bank and investing it for a percentage rise in the capital...investing to get a few fucking vouchers for shite you don;t normally eat or want is not an investment you fucking imbecile.

These idiots got everything they deserved and should stop whining..they lost money...tough shite, get over it and move on.

Any fucker that can afford to save an average of £30 a week is not poor and can afford to lose it...people are poor who can't afford to save that amount.

Fucking morons deserve fuckall but time invest your money wisely instead of on th eback of a gloosy TV advert...idiots.