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Monday, November 06, 2006

Burger Ban in public?

According to the Metro this morning (yes, I read the Metro) another do-gooder is spouting forth that "junk food should be stigmatised like smoking". Apparently this crackpot also believes that "people should be banned from eating such food on public transport".

But remember, Professor Annie Anderson (Dundee Uni, that says a lot), "insists she is not trying to create a nanny state" according to the article.

Well, if you're not trying to create a nanny state, but you're wanting to ban something else, why don't you just fuck off and let us eat pies and drink pints without fear of women harping on about something we don't care about.

We'll eat pies and burgers and chips because they taste good.

Next, she'll be telling us that taxing junk food is the way to go, in true Labour meddling form.

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