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Monday, March 09, 2009

More help for students - the saviours of the economy

The Hootsman has a hilarious opinion piece on why we should dig deeper for students...
"Student numbers are going up as people desperately try to reorient their careers. But, at the same time, those in full-time higher and further education are finding it difficult to fund their studies"
The article ends with a pithy remark about how more graduates will save the flagging British economy. (Although you'll probably have to actually read the paper for that...) Something about how, once they graduate, they'll make lots of money and spend lots of money, and that's just what we need.

That would be all very well and good if these students weren't all studying yoghurt knitting and basket weaving, and other such utterly pointless courses, at pointless "universities".

Go and get an apprenticeship - be a plumber or something! Then maybe I'll be able to get a plumber at less than 4 months notice, and an arm and a leg an hour. Gaaaaah!

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Anonymous said...

One way is for students to borrow money against the extra income they will earn. An investment. That way the benefitee is the payee.

The other way is for students to be subsidised by the general public, which means the payee is a mix of ex-students and never-were-students. Thus the never-were-students are subsidising students. Or if plain terms this is a shift in wealth from the relatively poor to the soon-to-be relatively rich.

Two questions:

Which is the policy that socialists support?
How many working class socialists are there?