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Saturday, March 28, 2009

How about a nice cup of cancer?

How about a nice cup of shit the fuck up?

The Hootsman reports that drinking hot tea – between 65C and 69C – was associated with twice the risk of oesophageal cancer compared to drinking warm tea – less than 65C. But drinking very hot tea – above 70C – was linked to an eight-fold higher risk.

Next week, they will no doubt report that being alive can be linked to a higher risk of cancer.

Who are these idiots? Why can't we just be left alone to enjoy a nice cup of tea, one of life's few remaining pleasures, in peace, without some dunder-heid telling us we're a' doomed.


Mike Smith said...

I think this was an Iranian survey. Probably part of their tests for making weapons of maths destruction...

1st Lady said...

Cant remember if it was the Hootsman that reported this but I also heard that dipping fingers into tea that's above 70C, to test for correct temperature (to reduce chance of oesophageal cancer) can increase the risk of sore finger syndrome. It's risky this tea drinking business.

David Cantrell said...

The NHS have a really good blog in which they analyse news coverage of medical stories.