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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Princes Street gets tram reprieve for festivals...

Princes Street gets tram roadworks reprieve for festivals... The Hootsman reports that TIE have struck some deal or other to wind the roadworks down during the plague of tourists seasons.

So yet another knife in the back for Edinburgh residents who have to suffer for longer so that the tourists see nice clear streets for their 5 minute visit to the city.

I'd have the lot of them shot as collaborators.


Andrew said...

I drove through Haymarket tonight and there were actually two lanes open in the direction of the City Centre. Miracles do happen it seems.

As for the tourists, can't have them seeing how much of a mess is being made of the capital, now can we?

Anonymous said...

Are they going to leave the huge gaping holes open in Princes Street during this time?
Could we not put all the tourists in those holes then fill them in?