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Monday, October 01, 2007

None of your business

It's none of your business who I phone or text, or for how long, or from where.

Fuck off!

652 different bodies are to be given access to logs that telco's have now been ordered to keep regarding a phone's owner, calls made and received, and the location of the phone.

The BBC reports that the Minister for Security and Counter-terrorism said -
"(To say) that all of a sudden anyone and everyone's information is available, that all these authorities somehow have the right to go fishing and snooping, simply isn't the case"

So, tell me then, why are 652 organisations able to access this information, and not just the Peelers and MI5? Oh yes, that would be because you're a nosey bastard, and should be hanged from the nearest lamppost.

There are already methods of encrypting phone conversations and obfuscating the data available to these 652 organisations. But of course, the nosey bastard minister would tell you if you have nothing to hide...


Fidothedog said...

Now I am sure that a lot of the monitoring of calls will be done with voice recogision systems, so it might be a cool idea to start using the words and phrases that they might be looking for and flag up a lot of false positives:

Bomb, jihad, moslem, "death to the infidel", al quada and so on...


Shug Niggurath said...

If you encrypt your calls you'll probably end up with a visit from the local five-a-day co-ordinator. Be careful...