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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Apathy at 16?

What what what?

The SNP in the wee pretendy parliament want Scotland to be able to set the voting age... (Currently a reserved matter). Apparently there is strong support within the SNP for a change in voting age.

This begs the question why?

Why should children who are not allowed to drive, smoke, drink alcohol, serve in our armed forces or get credit from a bank be allowed to vote?

They are barely able to tie their own shoelaces, let alone read and write - what hope is there of them being able to form their own opinion on who to vote for?

Perhaps this is a great big political scam - let them vote earlier so they can be indoctrinated earlier, so they don't know any better, and will continue to vote for the appointed party in later life... Assuming apathy doesn't take hold.

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Anonymous said...

I do work for the buggers - and I can assure you that the SNP are doing this BECAUSE it's reserved.

(See also - raising the driving age on motorways to 18, buggering about with the drink-drive limit, creating a 'Scottish' civil service, replacing the council tax (marginal, sort of reserved, sort of devolved) and much more aside.)

Basically their manifesto is a wishlist of things they don't have any power to do. Presumably this is meant to encourage us to rise up and overthrow our English overlords. Personally, it makes me rather inclined to vote to get rid of Alex Salmond's insufferable grin as soon as possible.