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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jump! For fuck's sake, jump and put us out of your misery!

The BBC reported someone was toying with jumping off North Bridge last week.

Today, some cunt is standing on the edge of the parapet on the bridge, shortly before 6. At least the previous attention seeking, non-committal waste of space had the decency to threaten to jump outside of rush hour... The guy tonight was loitering, making a fucking nuisance of himself for hours, in rush hour traffic.

Clearly, not committed to his cause, he should have either been forcibly removed, or shot. Too many people have their lives interrupted by these "cry for help" sorts. You're either going to jump, or you're not. Even a taxi driver told me about a time where a guy leapt over the side of the bridge in front of him... No fuss, just jumped.

Too many people are being pandered to - they are either going to jump or they are not. Let them get on with it, and if they don't get it over with in 5 minutes or less, let a crowd of angry commuters who have just had their day fucked up start to heckle them. That should stiffen their resolve.

Alternatively, don't pick a prime location in the city centre to cry for help. We don't give a fuck. We have our own problems to deal with, and we don't deal with them by inflicting them on an entire city.

-- Hootsman article for the jumper who didn't.

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Fidothedog said...

I believe they should be heckled, tomatoes and ripe fruit could be sold and even score cards on the quality of the dive.