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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Greens win control of transport committee

How can the green party, all two of them, win control of anything? They only have 2 MSPs! Who, exactly, do the represent? Clearly nobody that counts, otherwise there woulf be more of them...

According to the Hootsman...

"There are also a number of new committees, including transport, infrastructure and climate change, which will be led by Patrick Harvie, the Green MSP. As a fierce critic of new road-building projects and an advocate of public transport, Mr Harvie is a controversial choice."

Which is all very well and good, Mr barely elected green nobody... How do you advocate public transport when it is regularly delayed and cancelled - like the Fife Circle train service this morning?

Why do we let these layabouts meddle with our affairs? Can't they get real jobs?

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