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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I quite like eBay. The beast has evolved over the past few years into something a bit unwieldy, but on the whole, it's still a useful site, and allows me to sell old crap, and buy new old crap.

Two things that piss me off...

1. Feedback. The "community spirit" thing... If I am buying something from you, and I win the auction, and send the payment... This is when you should leave me feedback. I have completed my side of the transaction. None of this waiting around until several weeks after I have received the item, left you feedback (positive, unless you're a cunt) and emailed you half a dozen times reminding you that I have left feedback for you and you should do the same for me. It's not fucking rocket surgery. I buy shit, I pay for shit, you post and leave feedback. I receive shit, I leave feedback for you. That's how it's meant to work. No retaliatory feedback for stuff improperly packed. No retaliatory feedback because you took a month and a half to send the item.

2. Cunts who take your money and run. That has only happened to me once. Some shop in Englandshire, which went out of business, cashed my cheque and buggered off... However, it was a relatively small amount of money, and a long time ago. Shooting is too good for some people.

Anyway, I wonder how many days it will be before buggerlugs leaves me feedback for the book I bought...


chorley bunce said...

Was buggerlugs just your terminology to describe this person or was his email buggerlugs2007. Only asking as a few of us on eBay have been scammed by buggerlugs2007. if you have any info on buggerlugs2007 we would be grateful. If you haven't got a clue what I`m talking about, no worries

Angry Steve said...

buggerlugs is a guid Scots word, and was not referring to any particular ebay member name.


Hope you get sorted out.