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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Carbon trading failing

According to the BBC, the EU's carbon trading scheme is failing... It's increasing electricity bills and not actually reducing carbon output...

Now could this be because it was a fucking stupid idea to begin with?

Apparently they'll continue to plod on with it though...

But the Minister for Climate Change, Ian Pearson, told File on 4 that the carbon trading scheme has been an administrative success yet concedes there have been problems in the first three year phase to the end of 2007.

"If you are saying to me it hasn't achieved a massive amount so far when it comes to CO2 reductions, well I agree with you and I think Phase Two will be a big, big improvement...and a key instrument in helping us all to achieve our carbon reduction targets across Europe."

Well, he would say it was a success, since it's keeping him in a job, isn't it?

Isn't repeating something, getting one result but continually expecting another a sign of insanity? But then, we are talking about a politician...

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Anonymous said...

So he thinks it's a success despite it, in his own words, not achieving much?

Fuck me but these people are just so fucking cretinous.