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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beauly - Denny - Whiners

The BBC reminds us that Scottish and Southern Energy would like to provide homes with electricity, and in doing so, put some new transmission towers on the route across the country.

The BBC also reminds us that there are a number of people whining about these transmission towers, because they will spoil the natural beauty of the countryside.

Where were these objections when they put a herd of windmills on Sheriffmuir, and blighted the landscape where a famous battle took place. You can see the windmills from miles away. I note that "Stirling before Pylons" have a lovely photo of the Wallace Monument on their website... What can I see when I go home? The Wallace Monument, and a whole load of fucking windmills. If only they hadn't cropped that photo so neatly. What a bunch of hypocrites.


Fidothedog said...

Yet the BBC fail to offer any alternative solutions to the problem.

Typical leftie BBC response.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a Government problem too. Fido and you are right, but if we invest more money in renewable instead of the pittance we do we might get energy without the eyesores. This shower of cunts is going to spend multi-billion subsidies for nuclear, to companies that are already rolling in money, and the same with the oil companies.

They would have us believe they spend a fortune on renewable, but is is virtually nothing...though it makes a good headline.