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Monday, May 14, 2007

Bzzzzzt! Wrong answer!

The BBC reports that a Taser has been used to quell a pub row in Broxburn. Interestingly, they do not say very much about what happened, other than the chap who didn't sit-the-fuck-down and shut-the-fuck-up when told, got zapped.

Firstly - it had to be Broxburn, didn't it?
Secondly - weren't tasers only issued to firearms officers?
Thirdly - there is no mention of the suspect being armed...

"A police spokesman said the gun, which releases a high voltage charge, was used to disarm and subdue the suspect who posed a serious and immediate risk."

Since they've not told us what sort of serious and immediate risk was posed, I can only assume (from several years of working on pub and club doors) that the guy was being a cock, and a fairly serious brawl had broken out. There have been one or two where my colleagues and I have had to just let people fight it out amongst themselves - but if only we had had tasers back then... Muahahahahaha.

So, getting back to the BBC's lack of reporting, are we seriously to believe that a firearms unit was called to this pub? Apparently Lothian and Borders Police did send a firearms unit - what did the guy do? Why are the numerous offences not mentioned? Enquiring minds need to know!


Anonymous said...

Basically, a guy got kicked out of the pub earlier, for what I don't know, then returned at 9.05 brandishing two Machetes, helping himself to drink, wrecking the place, then when the armed police arrived, he was goading the police into shooting him...

He was lucky they only tasered him, because otherwise they'd have had to shoot him to stop him from killing or injuring someone.

Angry Steve said...

Ah well, in that case they should have tasered him twice.