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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Drunk teen on flight making a nuisance of himself - why is this news?

According to the Hootsman, some pimply oik was acting like a cock on a plane, was up before the Sheriff, and pleaded guilty to breach of the peace... Why is this news?

We only hear about these drunken twats on planes - but how many times have you heard groups of fuckwits on trains playing loud music, shouting and swearing at the top of their voices, and generally being tits. You don't hear about the ones on the ground being banged to rights!

We should have a black ball system, where passengers on planes, trains and automobiles can anonymously vote out the weakest link from their carriages... Too many of us suffer in silence as these ne'er do wells cause irritation for hours on end. We need ejector seats for the trains and automobiles, and a hatch with the option of a parachute for the planes.

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Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. We've all been in the situation where you want to say something, or grab one of the fuckers, but you know, you just know that it will end up messy and troublesome.