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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Scottish people vote for luddism

The SNP and Greens have come to an agreement which opposes the building of nuclear power plants... Agrees to cripple Scotland through the early introduction of "climate change legislation", and agrees that Scotland is better being out of the Union, no doubt that parties, like the greens, that nobody votes for, gets to further cripple the country with crackpot ideas.

I really don't know where to start. The SNP must be really desperate if they need to get the greens on side... All 2 of them. Ah yes, the benefits of the party list system - nobody actually voted for these people - they are now paid for out of our taxes through sympathy!

The BBC article that reports all of this includes a report of a dig from labour, who seem to forget that Scotland has been governed by a labour majority for close to 50 years. Why isn't the country prospering the way the labour supporters think we should be? That would be because Labour is a crock of shit. 50 years, and fuck all to show for it. People have the cheek to complain about Thatcherism, yet have never experiences a day of Conservative rule in their lives - labour councils, labour MPs, labour MSPs. So when the SNP are (barely) elected, and labour spit the dummy?

They're all as bad as each other.


David said...

If Scotland has never been ruled by the Conservatives, perhaps you could tell me which party imposed the Poll Tax?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with opposing nuclear power stations? Scotland neither needs, nor wants, them. If the rest of the UK cannot aupply their power needs through renewable energy, then they can have the nuclear threat in their own respective countries.

Angry Steve said...

Scotland neither needs nor wants them, until Dounreay and Torness go offline...

But then if people are sitting in the dark, you greener than thou people have achieved your goal of keeping the masses downtrodden in your usual champagne socialist fashion.

Anonymous said...

Scotland has the potential to supply more than twice our energy needs from renewable energy including offshore wind, tidal and hydro-electric. I don't understand this slavish adoration of unnecessary, dangerous nuclear power stations, particularly when the Labour party is hell-bent on dumping the entire nuclear waste output of the island in Scotland on the grounds that "there's room up there". No thank you.

neil craig said...

I have asked repeatedly & failed to find anybody from any party willing to say exactly how the 50% of our power due for retiral (actually if we have any growth we will ned more) is going to come from.

Perhaps Mous you will be the first & will be able to say exactly how it will be done rather than sticking to that innumerate claim about twice/more/4 times etc. as much "renewable" power as we need. Or perhaps like a previous enthusiast for the promised ice age, you will merely change the subject.