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Monday, October 27, 2008

Non sequitur

"Cut carbon to aid poorest countries in world" proclaims Stewart Stevenson in The Scotsman.

Away and stop havering a load of pish, says I, here on my blog.

"the impacts of climate change are not evenly distributed – the poorest would suffer the earliest and the most. And, as a responsible nation, Scotland could play its part in helping vulnerable developing countries."

Even if you do believe in man made global warming climate change whatever we're calling it because we're not actually warming at the moment... Scotland, which is not a great polluter of the world, should cut emissions (and cripple the economy and infrastructure) to give the third world an extra 30 seconds before they are overcome with the supposed climate change from the effects of China's increasing industrialisation.

I really don't see how the man's logic works there.

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